Axium AX-1250 Multiroom Streaming / Amplifier

8 Zones, 13 Sources + 32 distributed sources

The AX-1250 features 6 powered zones delivering 55 watts per speaker and 2

independent preamp zones. 12 physical sources - 8 combined digital/analogue and 4

dedicated digital coax/optical inputs plus a Network Audio decoder that can stream from

the local network, the Internet or a mobile device (phone or tablet) connected to the network.
Add to that the ability to access up to 32 distributed sources from any compatible amplifier on the network (AX-1250 and Mini 4) and you will not be running out of inputs any time soon!

Unrivalled Connectivity
USB (for configuration only), IR BUS (legacy keypad) and Ethernet connectivity, 10 buffered IR outputs, 2 lit doorbell compatible input triggers, individual amp ons, keypad connections and dual network ports offering unrivalled connectivity of up to 96 Zones.
Endless Control
The internal webpage has unique customisation allowing IR commands to be attached to buttons for source control. User based source and zone lockout via customisable user accounts and the ability for built-in automation via Zone and Source event triggers.
Audio Control
600ms of audio delay for each zone per source (totaling 64 delay settings), 18dB of analogue source gain adjustment, Bass, Treble, balance and loudness per zone and a sub-woofer preamp filter.
iOS and Android App
By using the FREE app you can use the Amplifier as a controller with macro capability. Add the KPC-N 2.8” colour touchscreen and enjoy full two way communications from each zone on both interfaces.

Some of the many features:

  • ​​55 Watts per channel @8Ω (4Ω capable for 3 zones)
  • Pandora and TuneIn Internet streaming*
  • ​Local mobile device music playback (iOS and Android)
  • UPnP media renderer
  • ​Network share (NAS or PC) playback
  • Output short circuit, thermal and hard clipping protection
  • ​18dB input gain adjustment
  • ​Auto zone On/Off via source audio sensing
  • 600ms of audio delay per zone, per source​
  • ​Expandable to 96 zones (via network expansion)
  • ​Bass, Treble, Balance and Loudness per zone
  • Sub-woofer pre amplification filter setting​
  • Distributed source capable
    • ​Up to 8 locally connected sources can be streamed to other distributed source capable amplifiers.
    • All 8 zones can stream a source from another amplifier or Axium Media Manager (AMM).
    • Up to 32 distributed sources system wide.
  • ​13 Audio Sources:
    • ​S1 - S8 either Analogue, or Digital Coax (PCM)
    • S9 - S12 either Digital Coax or Optical (PCM)
    • ​Media player source
  • 10 Buffered IR outputs (8 with IR routing, 2 sum outputs)
  • 15 presets including 2 paging presets with up to 10 seconds of 44.1 KHz 16 bit stereo audio for doorbell sounds.
  • ​Plus more

​​Download AX-1250 Cut Sheet here

Axium Mini 4 Multiroom / Streaming Amplifier

The AX-Mini 4... more information coming soon but check out the PDF​

Download AX-Mini 4 PDF
Download iOS Diagnostic Logging PDF
Download Mini4 Advanced Configuration Guide PDF
Download Mini4 Quick Setup Guide PDF